In order to make your stay at the Lunohod Hostel as memorable and positive as possible, we ask you to follow these rules. In turn, we will make every effort to make your stay with us comfortable and safe.
Attention! Video surveillance with audio recording is installed in the common areas of the hostel. Our hostel is guarded by a security company.


1. The hostel is intended for temporary accommodation of guests. After the expiration of the period for which the place is booked for the resident, the guest is obliged to vacate the place or extend the reservation. Extension of the stay must be agreed with the hostel administrator.
2. The operating mode is round-the-clock.
3. Time of arrival and check-out time. Check-in time is 14:00. Check-out time (check-out time) - 12:00.
4. Persons who have reached the age of 18 have the right to live in the Hostel unaccompanied by adults.
5. We inform you that in connection with the introduction of the law on the registration of foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation, you are obliged to register your stay on the territory of the Russian Federation within 24 hours from the moment of crossing the border.
6. Bed linen and one face towel are included in the hostel rate. Linen is changed at least once every 5 days, or earlier on request for an additional fee. Wet cleaning of premises and garbage removal are carried out every day.


1. At the request of the guests of the Hostel can deposit their luggage to the administrator.
2. All valuables must be left for storage by the Administrator. To do this, the hostel has a safe, monitored by a video camera. If such a need arises, please contact the duty administrator. The administration of the Hostel is not responsible for things that have not been deposited! In addition, the hostel provides special individual lockers located in the rooms, in which it is also possible to store things.
3. For the loss of the key from the locker, a fine of 500 rubles will be charged.


1. The Hostel carries out cleaning of common areas once a day (from 12:00 to 14:00).
2. Be sure to keep quiet and not disturb other guests on weekdays: from 22:00 to 8:00 on weekends: from 22:00 to 9:00.
3. Guests must return to the hostel no later than 23:00 (later time must be agreed with the administrator on duty).
4. For damage to the property of the Hostel, a fine will be charged to compensate for such damage, including the costs of delivery and repair work.
5. Leaders accompanying school groups are fully responsible for the behavior of the group in the Hostel.
6. In case of detection of an attempt to drink alcoholic beverages, or finding persons in alcoholic or drug intoxication - such persons are subject to immediate eviction without refund of accommodation.


1. Smoking in all areas of the Hostel.
2. Drink alcoholic beverages. We refuse accommodation to guests who are in a state of alcohol (or other) intoxication. If alcoholic beverages are found in the premises of the Hostel, the administration has the right to withdraw them.
3. Walk around in street shoes in the hostel.
4. Disturb public order.
5. Enter the area of ​​the Administrator's workplace.
6. Bring visitors of the Guest who are not registered in the Hostel.
7. It is forbidden to touch the CCTV cameras.

ATTENTION! For violation of the rules of conduct in the Hostel, the administration has the right to evict violators at any time without refunding the payment for accommodation for the current day.


1. It is prohibited to store and consume food and drinks in the sleeping rooms.
2. When leaving the hostel, turn off your electrical appliances and lighting.
3. Maintain silence in bedrooms.
4. It is forbidden to bring guests to sleeping rooms.
5. Turn off the ringing of your mobile phones in the sleeping rooms.
6. After 22:00, it is allowed to use only standard individual lamps in the room.
7. Listening and viewing audio-video content is allowed only with headphones.
8. It is forbidden to sit down / lie down and put your things on empty beds - a fine of 200 rubles.
9. It is forbidden to remove bed linen from a pillow, blanket, mattress, sleep on an unmade bed - a fine of 500 rubles. for each identified case.


1. Guests of the Hostel provide order in the kitchen on their own.
2. Do not leave cutlery and utensils on the table after use.
3. We ask you to clean up after yourself food products.
4. After eating, clean the table.
5. Do not carry dishes outside the kitchen area.
6. After 22:00 we ask you to be quiet in the kitchen.
7. After cooking, empty the dishes immediately. For leaving unwashed dishes in the sink or on the table, a fine of 500 rubles. for each recorded case.

Using the refrigerator:

1. Avoid storing items and foods in the refrigerator that may stain the refrigerator, spill, smear, etc.
2. Storage in the refrigerator of products with a pungent odor is allowed only in tightly closed containers.
3. Optionally, you can sign your food items.
4. Remember that the refrigerator is not designed for long-term storage of food.
5. Do not overload the refrigerator, remember that you are not alone here.
6. Before leaving, remember to empty the refrigerator of unused food.
7. Do not eat other people's food!
8. We kindly ask you to wash after yourself!

Using the sink:

1. Before washing dishes, remove food debris from cups, plates, spoons, cutting boards by throwing them into the trash can.
2. If food remains do end up in the sink, remove them into the trash can to avoid clogging.

Using the trash can:

1. Remember that the trash can is not designed to hold liquids.
2. If it becomes necessary to dispose of a product / product containing liquid components, they should be drained into a sink.
3. In order to save space in the trash can, it is advisable to wrinkle / fold bags of juice, milk, kefir, etc., as well as put the same type of empty container one into another.
4. If the trash can overflows, do not throw rubbish near it, but inform the administrator on duty.

Using a microwave oven:

1. To heat food in a microwave oven, use ceramic or plastic dishes, as well as a special lid located in the microwave oven.
2. Containers with food should be covered with a ceramic or plastic lid to prevent food spillage, splashing or other contamination of the inside of the microwave oven.
3. If particles, drops and other food fragments get in, remove them before turning on the microwave oven again, even if you personally do not intend to use it anymore.

Using an electric stove:

1. Do not forget to turn on the hood above the stove.
2. For cooking, use only utensils available in the Hostel.

Our address

74, Leningradskaya street, entrance from courtyard No. 3, 2nd floor.
Bus stop "Komsomolskaya Square".
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city, Kamchatskiy Territory, 683003, Russia.

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