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Are you going to Kamchatka? We offer you to stay in the first and only capsule hostel in Kamchatka "Lunokhod". The peculiarity of our hostel lies in the details. We have tried to make your stay comfortable and practical.

Convenient area

Attractive price

Increased comfort


Sleeping places are equipped with everything you need to relax after long walks along the volcanoes and valleys of Kamchatka:

  • Privacy. Each capsule is separated from the general space of the room, equipped with a dense blackout roller blind.
  • Ventilation. The exhaust fan provides the necessary air exchange, and the noise level does not exceed 18 dB.
  • Lighting. Do you like to sleep in the light? In our hostel, this issue is resolved without harm to others. You set up the individual lighting yourself.
  • 220 / USB sockets. The convenience of a socket by the bed has long been appreciated by every inhabitant of the modern world. You can always charge your gadgets and equipment.
  • Table / shelf. A folding table will allow you to conveniently work with a laptop or even draw.
  • Reading lamp. We have provided a flexible lamp for comfortable reading.
  • Drawer. You can always leave your personal items in the box, so that nothing would disturb your comfort in the capsule.
  • Hooks and hangers. If your clothes do not tolerate folds, we suggest using hangers and hooks.



When you visit the hostel, the administrator will meet you, introduce you to our accommodation facility, tell you about nearby cafes, restaurants and shops and answer all your questions.

Kitchen and Restroom


The kitchen is fully equipped with the necessary utensils, household appliances and appliances. There is a large table with chairs, a bar counter where, in addition to eating, you can work with a laptop. In addition, a large TV with satellite channels, soft and comfortable beanbag chairs will allow you to relax in a cozy atmosphere and chat with other guests.



Two shower rooms, three toilets, three washbasins, two huge mirrors. A hairdryer, washing machine and ironing facilities are available upon request, free of charge.

Hostel rules


  1. The Hostel carries out cleaning of the common areas once a day (from 12:00 to 02:00 PM).
  2. Be sure to keep quiet and not disturb other guests on weekdays: from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM on weekends: from 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM.
  3. Guests must return to the hostel no later than 11:00 AM (later time must be agreed with the administrator on duty).
  4. For damage to the property of the Hostel, a fine will be charged to compensate for such damage, including the cost of delivery and repair work.
  5. The leaders accompanying school groups are fully responsible for the behavior of the group in the Hostel.
  6. In case of detection of an attempt to drink alcoholic beverages, or finding persons in alcoholic or drug intoxication - such persons are subject to immediate eviction without refund of accommodation fees.


  1. Smoking in all areas of the Hostel.
  2. Drink alcoholic beverages. We deny accommodation to guests who are intoxicated. If alcoholic beverages are found in the premises of the Hostel, the administration has the right to withdraw them.
  3. Walk around in street shoes in the hostel.
  4. Disturb public order.
  5. Enter the area of the Administrator's workplace.
  6. Bring guests of the Guest who are not registered in the Hostel.
  7. It is forbidden to touch the CCTV cameras.

The full text of the rules of staying at the Lunokhod Hostel is available here:  HOSTEL RULES



Hot shower


by card


Good staff


Our address

74, Leningradskaya street, entrance from courtyard No. 3, 2nd floor.
Bus stop "Komsomolskaya Square".
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city, Kamchatskiy Territory, 683003, Russia.

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